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ILCASCINALENUOVO represents tradition and innovation can merge into a gastronomic proposal that matches the great Piedmont cuisine with the flavors from all corners of the world.

Our proposal

The restaurant has a large room with impeccable style and an outdoor area to enjoy the warm evenings during the summer. We offer the possibility of ranging from classic Piedmontese dishes of author. At our restaurant, in the autumn, there will be the opportunity to enrich your dishes with the king of the table, the white truffle.

Other local

L’ALTROCASCINALE is the new local outdoor. Furnished in modern style with a service and an informal dining, this room focuses on the taste and quality of raw materials and founded its proposal on easy plates to correct prices.

A place in a few kilometers from the city center where “observe and breathe” the atmosphere of countryside discovering it at different times of day.

The bistro offers, in addition to pizzas, stews, salads, focaccia, bruschetta, pasta and meat dishes.

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